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Pest control service

GENERAL PEST TREATMENT cover the following pests:

  • Cockroaches
  • Spiders
  • Silver Fish
  • Red & black Ants
  • lizard

The treatment is carried out by the technician, checking out the premises first and then removing any hazards that could affect either the customer or himself.

The service is then carried out in steps by the following procedure:
Cockroach gel is applied to all kitchen cupboards + under any electrical appliances.
Cockroaches like anything that produces heat, so spray is applied with under the fridge, near the meter and any cracks
The technicians will then inspect the roof area and using an electrical pulsar apply the spray to all parts of the roof void and subfloor areas, (if applicable).
A light spray is applied throughout the house along all the skirting boards and if possible at the bottom of all built in wardrobes.

we’re more than glad to help you solve the problem.


First, we apply a light mist to the entire mattress, as well as the bed frames. Then, we also spray the same solution at the bottom of the mattresses, buttons, and tears.

No doubt, bedbugs are very dangerous pests that you need to avoid– not only are they irritating, they’ll also negatively affect your health. That’s why, the moment you see these creatures, it’s highly recommended to take care of the problem right away. Start by vacuuming your home as often as possible and keep everything clean.

Though, if you don’t have the ability to do everything alone, and it seems like the problem is getting worse, then you should just contact a professional bedbug exterminator instead. Our company has serviced a number of hotels, hospitals, and countless of residential homes that were once infested by these nasty parasites.

Don’t let this infestation take over you! Give us a call, and we’ll solve the problem right away!


Commonly called white ants, one of the worst destructive pest cause a big loss of money every year. We provide pre & post construction treatment also.

The treatment was then carried out to the external areas of the house by drilling a 12 mm hole around the concrete areas every 300mm and inserting TERMIDOR Termite Chemical into the ground which then will form a barrier to the external part of the house


We use the latest techniques for treating the termite infestation problem. We apply direct liquid treatments to the inside, outside and also to the foundation to completely eliminate the termites. We also inject the liquid pesticide within the foundation walls, in the foundation, and in all areas around the concrete slabs as a part of their specialised termite control treatment plan.

Another popular pre-construction termite protection treatment we provide is the use of specially treated termite-resistant wood. Some woods are injected with special chemicals to deter these termites, while others are naturally termite resistant


Wood boring insects infest wood in the search of food, and suitable breeding conditions. Often found in buildings, they attack seasoned timber.

Damage is usually evident in the surface of the timber by the appearance of small round shaped flight holes usually 1-2mm in diameter, and a gradual reduction in strength. In extreme cases, the affected timber may become too weak to support even normal loadings.


Rats and mice are competent climbers and can scale rough walls, pipe work, trees and vines, and are even able to ‘tightrope-walk’ across cables and the like. Rats (especially Norway rats) are very accomplished swimmers.

Indoors they may construct nests in wall voids, in roof voids, under floors and even within stored foods. We use glue board for trap them which is the best way to control them specially for indoor

Outdoors they may nest in burrows adjacent to waterways, under buildings, in trees and vines, in garbage dumps, rubbish heaps and other places where food and shelter are within reasonable range. We set up bait station with best rodenticide for out door


Almost everyone has had the unpleasant experience of being bitten by a mosquito. Mosquito bites can cause skin irritation through an allergic reaction to the mosquito saliva-this is what causes the red bump and itching. But a more serious consequence of some mosquito bites may be transmission of certain serious diseases such as malaria dengue fever and several forms of encephalitis.

Different species of mosquitos preferred different types of standing water in which to lay their eggs. The beneficial predators such as fish and dragonfly nymphs in permanent ponds, lakes and streams usually keep these bodies of water relatively free of mosquito larvae. however, portion of marshes, swamps, clogged ditches and temporary pools and puddles are all prolific mosquito breeding sites. Mosquito needs water for two stages of their life cycle, it’s important to monitor standing water sources

Mosquito life cycle

Egg-hatches when exposed the water
Larvae- (plural: larvae) “wriggler” lives in water; malts several time; most species surface to breathe air

Pupa- (plural; pupae) “tumbler” does not feed; stage just before emerging as adult

Adult- flies short time after emerging and its body parts have hardened

The first three stages occur in water, but adult is active flying insect. only the female mosquito bites and feeds on the blood of human or other animals. After she obtains a blood meal, the female mosquito lays eggs directly on or near water soil, and at the base of some plants in places that may fill with water. the eggs can survive dry conditions for few months. The life cycle typically takes up two weeks, but depending on conditions, it can range from four days to as long as a month. The adult mosquito emerges onto the water surface and fly away, ready begins his life cycle



Termites get their nutrition from cellulose. To get the cellulose, termites eat wood. They also eat things that are made from wood, like paper and cardboard. Termites will also eat plant–based fibers like cotton and burlap.

Around the world, termites can be pests of crops. They attack a variety of plants including peanuts and maize. Termites also attack trees that are used for lumber production.

Many trees have developed defenses against termite attack. Some trees do this by developing chemicals Shomeowners are encouraged to have their homes inspected regularly. Termite control professionals can identify signs of termite activity. They can also point out landscaping or maintenance conditions that might be attractive to teWhat they look like: Pear-shape and soft-bodied, aphids can either be winged or wingless; a white cottony form also attacks fruit trees.

General Trearment

Plant damage:
Aphids are typically found clustering on the growing tips of stems, where they suck sap, distort leaves and flowers, and spread plant viruses. In addition, aphids secrete clear, sticky honeydew, which attracts ants.

Pest control method:
Ladybugs and other beneficial insects typically bring aphids under control. In addition, a strong spray of water from a hose can knock them off plants. In

Pest control method:
Larvae that develop into butterflies are a nuisance, but since butterflies themselves generally don’t damage plants, they can be left alone or picked off if necessary. Caterpillars can be controlled in several different ways. Natural predators such as birds might help; install a birdbath to draw winged visitors to the garden. Parasites such as some tiny wasps might also decrease the caterpillar and worm population. (Look for small white eggs on the backs of caterpillars as evidence of success.) Discourage moths from laying eggs by using floating row covers over plants, but make sure to remove row covers when food plants need to be pollinated. Biological material Bt (Bacillus thuringiensis) is a garden pest control method that is harmless to people, animals, and beneficial insects. Or pyrethrin, a botanical contact insecticide, can be used; secticidal soap worksrmites. ubterranean termites avoid wood

Deep Cleaning Service

It is difficult to maintain a home properly when you have busy schedules. Hiring our skilled team at Live Clean Today for professional cleaning service is the best way to keep your home always clean and tidy. Our professionals will leave you feeling comfortable and proud of your space not depending whether our clients need weekly, every other week, monthly, or occasional home clean service.

Home deep cleaning

Cleaning of kitchen tiles, slabs and floor | Interior cleaning of trolleys and shelves Includes exhaust, sink and gas-stove cleaning.

Deep Cleaning of bathroom floor & tiles. Stain removal from WC, washbasin Includes taps and fixture shining.

Living Room, Dining Room and Bedroom Deep Cleaning Includes balcony cleaning.

Deep cleaning of Floor, Windows, Doors, Furniture and Light & Fan Fittings

Dry vacuum cleaning of sofa, carpets, and curtains Includes cob-web removal.

Equipment Used
Single Disk Machine for Floor Scrubbing. Vacuum Cleaner for dusting, Hand Scrubber for bathroom floors. T-shaped scrubber for corner cleaning.


Wall Shampooing, Utensils cleaning, Kitchen – Doesn’t include removing & placing back utensils and doesn’t include appliance cleaning such as fridge, microwave, etc. doesn’t include wet-vacuuming and shampooing of sofa-set.

Office cleaning-

You can feel confident your facility will be properly maintained. This level of cleanliness reflects the professional image you want to project to your clients and employees at all times. Majik Services offers more than other office cleaning companies and corporate cleaning services.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning is done by imported taski machine fitted with foam generator for dry foam carpet shampooing. If you have your carpets cleaned on a regular basis you should consider our method to get best results. Advantages of Dry Carpet Cleaning: Very quick drying

Sofa & ChairCleaning Services

We are unparalleled service provider who also undertake cleaning of Chairs and Sofas in Office / Residence, Malls, MNC’s etc. Our staffs are trained to properly clean any type of Chairs and sofas. The Chairs / Sofas are first shampooed by taski machine followed by spotting, extraction is done with the help of Taski Vacume Machine and the Chair/Sofa is left for natural drying.


  1. Our technician wear full-body protective gear and carry required equipment with them. 
  2. The entire space is fumigated/ sprayed with a special device, every corner and surface is covered.
  3. EPA recommended hospital-grade chemicals are used, known to kill disease casing viruses, bacteria. 
  4. All high-frequency touch points of the office/home (Door handles, switches etc.) are sanitized thoroughly. 
  5. The service is completely safe and ensure the highest standard of hygiene. 
  6. The area can be used after one hour of service completion. 

Sanitization of interiors (cupboard, draws, appliances), movement of furniture for sanitization.

Car pest control

As same as home, pests like rats, ants, bedbugs can make their life inside the vehicles. For warmness and food, the pests infest cars, vans, buses, and mini trucks. The pests spread all over the environment wherever the vehicles move. The pests are spread faster through vehicles than their natural way of spreading. While parking your vehicles near your gardens chance are there for pests to build a nest into your vehicles. Even the spiders build webs over the car mirrors, and rats will get into your vehicle if you miss some food items and it causes damage to your wires.